Board of Trustees of the Finishing Trades Institute of the Ohio Region (FTIOR)

Members of NOPTCA serve on the FTIOR board whose purpose is to monitor the training process and indenturing of Apprentices for the painting industry. A goal of the FTIOR board is to provide a highly trained and knowledgeable workforce.  The board works to provide the proper safety training classes so that no work time is lost because of an accident.  Additionally, the board provides the proper training classes as new equipment and technology is introduced into the painting industry.

Board of Trustees of the Painting Industry Health and Welfare Fund

Trustees of NOPTCA are members of the Board of Trustees of the Health and Welfare Fund. The Trustees monitor the management of the retirement fund to assure that the rules as described in the CBA are adhered to.  This group also manages the Health Insurance coverage provided to union members. They work hard to make sure the best possible benefits are provided while maintaining costs.

Trustees of the Joint Trade Board

The major responsibility of the Joint Trade Board is to negotiate and enforce the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The Joint Trade Board is authorized and given jurisdiction to act as a fact finding Tribunal and as an Arbitration Board with respect to any complaints or disputes arising under the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The board exercises jurisdiction regarding any questions of interpretation of the Agreement. The Board is composed of an equal number of representatives of NOPTCA and the Union District Council No. 6

Drug Free Workplace Program

As a member of the Union Construction Industry Partnerships Drug Free Safety Workplace Committee, NOPTCA works to ensure that the standards established by the Construction Industry Substance Abuse Policy(CISAP), are enforced. It is NOPTCA’S responsibility to notify Contractors when one of their employees test positive or has failed to participate in an annual or random drug test. NOPTCA also notifies contractors when their employees are due for their annual or random drug test.

Workers' Compensation Claims Management Program through CompManagement

Through NOPTCA’s program your company can be evaluated for a Group Rating program, or other  programs offered by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation including Group Retrospective Rating and the Deductible Program.  Your participation in any of  these programs, as well as having the expertise of a claims administrator working for you such as CompManagement,  can help you to control and reduce your workers’ compensation premiums.