IUPAT District Council 6


 District Council 6 of the International Union of Painters & Allied Trades (I.U.P.A.T.) is an affiliation of I.U.P.A.T. local unions throughout all of Ohio and Central Kentucky. The District Council  works to advance the welfare of it's members, and the communities of the finishing-trades construction industry as a whole.

Safety Controls Technology


Safety Controls Technology is the Third Party Administrator of the Construction Industry Substance Abuse Program(CISAP) for NOPTCA members.  SCT is an independent entity that provides the required drug tests, analysis and reporting of all drug test records.  All information is kept confidential.

Job Reporting Form


Per the CBA, Article II, Section 24 - The Employer shall report in writing by email or any other method agreed to by the Joint Trade Board (JTB), to the Secretary-Treasurer, and prior to the commencement of work on all new job sites where Bargaining Unit Work is to be performed.  A report must be filed once, per job.